Expectations of Families
Family involvement is integral to the success of students at PCPS. We ask parents and guardians to be active partners in our work with your child. Families can contribute to the success of their child at PCPS by:
  • Making sure that your child arrives to school every day, on time and in full uniformIMG_2940
  • Attending all scheduled conferences and Road Map meetings
  • Attending all celebrations of student workIMG_2960
  • Staying in close contact with your child’s advisor and alerting him or her to any successes or challenges that your child is experiencing, both academically and personally
  • Providing a quiet, well-lit place for your child to study and complete his or her homework
  • Checking your child’s planner daily for homework assignments and upcoming school events
  • Checking the school’s website for important school updates as well as to monitor your student’s progress
  • Getting involved in the school community by joining the Family Association, School Leadership Team or committee

At Pathways we understand that each family is unique. Our partnership with one family may look different from our partnership with another family.

It takes a village to raise a family.
Our partnership with families is important. Together we can make a difference.