Curriculum and Instruction Model
At PCPS our goal is to challenge students through an interesting curriculum that encourages them to think critically. Learning experiences will focus on real-world problems and issues. Students will work as an entire class, in small learning teams and individually. Below is a description of the courses students will take while at Pathways.

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Curriculum Description

SpringBoard English and Mathematics (Grades 6-12): SpringBoard is a comprehensive and integrated curriculum program for all students in grades 6-12. SpringBoard helps students achieve the necessary critical thinking, reasoning and writing skills in mathematics and English language arts to prepare them for freshman-level college courses.

College Preparatory Mathematics: CPM is a balanced, complete mathematics curriculum that teaches basics, conceptual understanding and problem solving skills. In CPM classrooms, student are actively engaged in their study and understanding of mathematics. A significant portion of classroom time is devoted to supervised “math labs” of structured investigations. Students explore, hypothesize, and test ideas in realistic contexts.

History Alive: TCI materials have interactive activities that allow students to learn historical concepts and remember important details about history. The History Alive! programs are integrated, allowing students to see connections between classroom activities, the history, and their lives today. TCI materials maintain a chronological order while grouping by content area for ease of understanding.

Facing History and Ourselves: Facing History’s mission is to engage students of diverse backgrounds in an examination of racism, prejudice, and anti-Semitism in order to promote the development of a more humane and informed citizenry.

Science: In the middle school 6th and 7th graders will explore a two year introduction to the 4 areas of science: Life, Physical, Earth, Chemistry. An emphasis is placed on exploring the various career options available through the sciences. In the high school, students are exposed to an inquiry-based science program that emphasizes real-world application.

Individual Lifetime Fitness: Individual Lifetime Fitness is a part of our comprehensive approach to holistic education. Students follow the physical best curriculum in addition to yoga, walking for life, aerobics, weight training, track and field.

Foreign Language: Spanish is the foreign language at Pathways. The language is studied in conjunction with their various cultures.

In addition to the above courses students choose 2 electives per year. Electives choices vary each semester.

Grading Policy

All students are graded based on their effort, progress and mastery of in-class and homework assignments. Homework will be counted as part of your grade. Teachers will assess students based on observations, individual work, group work, quizzes, unit exams, projects and performance tasks. For each assignment students will be provided with models and exemplars of excellence. Incomplete work will count against your grades. Make every effort to take advantage of the support available to students during the day and after school.


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