Principal’s Message


Pathways College Preparatory School


                               Fia Davis, Principal 


Melissa Amos, A.P. SP-ED      John Hunt, A.P. Safety     Sylvan Haseley, A.P. Math

                                                                                                                                                                September 2016

Hello Pathways Family,

My name is Fia Davis and I am pleased to introduce myself and greet you in my new role as Principal of Pathways College Preparatory School (PCPS).  I am eager to meet and greet each one of you through our Parent Teacher conferences, Open Houses, PTA Meetings, shows and any other events or activities that will be taking place here at Pathways.

I grew up in Queens and graduated from Hillcrest High School. The opportunity to come home and give back to the community that helped raise me is one I take very seriously. I began my career in the New York City public schools 20 years ago as an English teacher at East New York Family Academy in Brooklyn.  Later, I became both the Department Chair and Literacy Coach for teachers of grades 6-12.  I served nine amazing years at East NY Family Academy.  In 2005, I joined New Leaders for New Schools, a national leadership training organization, where I trained as a resident principal for a year.

With a fantastic team of educators and administrators, Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts (UASPA) was founded in 2006. I served as Founding Principal for eight successful and immeasurably rewarding years.  As founding principal I grew the school to its enrollment capacity and graduated five classes of students.  In May of 2014 we saw our first set of college graduates!  I stepped away from UASPA in July of 2014 to take care of my health.  This past year I had the honor of being the closing principal of the High School of Graphic Communication Arts.

What I’ve learned most from my experience as an educator is the value of collaboration, the importance of building relationships, and cultivating leaders. I am excited about the opportunity to learn with you, from you and to become a resource to you and your children. I hope to do whatever I can to further your child’s educational experience and your experience as parent of a PCPS student. We are partners in this work.

As the year progresses, if you would like to set up an introductory meeting or phone call, please reach out to my secretary, Ms. Gayle (718) 454-4957 ext.3121. I look forward to our partnership as we work closely to enhance student education and increase the opportunities for their future.

Yours in partnership,

Principal Fia Davis