Our Advisory program is at the center of our vision in getting to know each student well. In order to achieve this goal, each student is assigned an advisor. The advisor is responsible for a small group of students.  If a student experiences difficulty during the school day the student has an adult in the building they can go to immediatly for help.  Additionally if a parent wishes to inquire how their child is doing in school they contact the advisor directly.  The advisor is the direct link between school and home. 

Students see their advisor every morning for a morning meeting which consist of: attendance check, announcements and reminders and an opportunity for students to share. In addition, the advisory group also meets one period a week. In Advisory group, students participate in activities to explore life issues that impact teenagers’ decision-making process leading to choices that will increase their likelihood of attending college. The advisory curriculum will consist of:


  • Family life and Adolescent Health – a curriculum that explores issues of body image, social roles, family roles and all other aspects of adolescent health and sexuality.
  • Job Club – college and careers exploration, which includes internships, budgeting, opening a bank account, entrepreneurship, resume writing, etc.
  • Diversity and tolerance of differences based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and ability level.
  • Conflict resolution curriculum that focuses on peaceful resolution to conflicts by understanding the feelings that lead to conflict and the strategies for avoiding violence.


Your advisor’s job is to take care of you while you are in school. The advisor will:


  • Advise students about academic decisions and monitor academic achievement
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality
  • Communicate to the family important information about your academic progress
  • Teach the advisory curriculum
  • Meet individually with each student monthly to develop and update the student’s Road Map
  • Prepare students for life transitions including career development and postsecondary opportunities.
  • Promote character development and explore moral dilemmas.
  • Explore the social issues that are developmentally appropriate for each grade including health education.


Advisory class is worth .5 credits per semester. Your participation and attendance contributes to your grade.